Command-line scripts

Two command-line scripts will be created by python install.

Both print the available options with description for each option to STDOUT:

trollbufr -h
trollbufr --help
trollbufr_update -h
trollbufr_update --help

Executing them without any command-line option, they will just print the list of options to STDOUT.


This is a command-line script to call

  • Reading data elements:

    trollbufr -t tables -d data/mw/TestBulletin_051

    Decoding all BUFR in the file TestBulletin_051, for each reading the data elements and writing the descriptor, short name, value, unit to STDOUT. The table format defaults to “eccodes”.

    trollbufr -t tables -o Test.txt -d data/mw/TestBulletin_051

    Does the same as the first example, but writes to the file Test.txt.

  • Simple list of descriptors:

    trollbufr -t tables -T libdwd -smb 1 data/mw/TestBulletin_051

    Using the table-format libdwd and decoding only the first BUFR in the file, writing the un-expanded list of descriptors (without names, etc.) to STDOUT.

  • Encoding data from a JSON-formatted file as BUFR:

    trollbufr -t tables -e -o Test.bin data/TestBulletin_1.json

    Encodes the JSON-formatted content of the file TestBulletin_1.json and writes the resulting BUFR to the file Test.bin instead of STDOUT.


A command-line script to download archive file(s) from Internet resources in order to update the BUFR table files.

  • URL(s) on command-line, strip first two elements from path on extract:

    trollbufr_update -t tables -s 2 -U
  • Set of URLs in a file – only download, no extract:

    trollbufr_update -t tables --download -F bufr_table_archives.txt